Best Audio Interface : Our Top 3 for 2022

The garage band era would not be the same if there wasn’t proper audio interfaces oriented for the recording on domestic computers. Since the early ’00s, there is a lot of great options on USB audio interfaces you can use to plug your gear, from guitars to microphones and much more and record it all … Read more

What is an Audio Interface

An audio interface is a hardware device that essentially bridges the gap between the physical channels of audio in the analog portion of your studio, and the virtual channels of audio in your computer DAW. Understanding exactly what an audio interface is can be a little bit confusing when you are first learning about recording. … Read more

Getting Plugin Bundles – Save Time and Money

Want to save a ton of money and time buying software plugins?  Here’s how.  Buy a plugin bundle. Not familiar with plugin bundles yet?  Here’s a quick explanation. A software plugin bundle is a group of plugins offered as a package deal by a software company.  The idea is simple.  You buy in bulk and … Read more

Acoustic Diffusers The Perfect Contrast to Absorption

When looking at the 8 qualities that define an awesome recording space, there are two in particular that interest us: Textured walls, and a lack of parallel walls.  Notice that with each one, sound scatters randomly throughout the room, and the natural frequency balance of an instrument is preserved. This concept is commonly known as … Read more