Top 5 Best Double Din Head Unit Car Stereos

A good car stereo system is even better when it is bigger! Dual din stereo sets are largely deployed these days on most cars as the needs of a car stereo are only to turn up the radio and listen to music, but several different tasks that work better with larger screens. Check our list with 5 of the best double din head car stereos available right now in the market.


Best Units With Reviews

Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN 

Kenwood’s double DIN is a gem of a stereo system for you car as it has the biggest number of Bluetooth profiles and also includes Siri technology. Not in vain it is one of the most expensive and top quality double DINs in the market and is on the top of our list. You also get with this device access to the SiriusXM radio via satellite signal. Kenwood also developed remote controls for iPod and iPhone devices.


  • Bluetooth 2.1 with profiles for: Hands-Free and A2DP (among others)
  • Siri Eyes Free™ & Voice Dialing profiles
  • SiriusXM Ready satellite radio service
  • A M/FM, CD player, USB receiver and remote control


  • Includes a the Pandora Link services that will connect the stereo of your car with your iPhone and the Pandora radio
  • Includes a 2-way iPod control, so you can control the music playing both from the iPod and the stereo
  • You can change colors of the illumination system

Pyle PLDN74BT Double DIN

Pyle’s double DIN features some special additions to its stereo system. Besides playing music from different sources like all good car stereo systems should do, it also allows the connection of rear cameras, even though the quality of the image will surely depend on the quality of the camera connected. Either way, the quality of the digital screen is HD both for video display and for the touch-screen definition. The screen is also foldable.


  • Bluetooth 2.0 with profiles A2DP and hands-free calling
  • HD digital display
  • RCA rear aux Input and output connectors
  • Includes SD memory card reader


  • Bluetooth works for most of the compatible devices, from smartphones to music players.
  • Fold Down screen

SSL DD889B Double-Din

This SSL model is another great option with Bluetooth and its essential profiles, ports to connect several different devices as well as an aux. input for rear camera like the Pyle model. SLL also provides the tuning of radio frequencies from both America and UE tuners. Different from the previous models, you can detach completely the screen of this double din stereo system.


  • Bluetooth 2.0 (Hands free calling, A2DP)
  • Ports for USB and SD CARD
  • Input for rear camera
  • AM/FM receiver and CD reader


  • The TFT monitor is detachable
  • Aux inputs are compatible with most smartphones and other portable devices
  • The tuner frequencies work both for US & Europe Tuners


BOSS always develops its products with the most complete and pro features as possible so users can keep on control of most of the functionalities of the sound. This model developed by the brand has all the basics that we already mentioned for the previous models but also includes special outputs for pre amps so you can boost more than one subwoofer. Besides that, there are other extra features that make the use of this device better for phone calls and video display.


  • Bluetooth 2.1 (hands-free, A2DP)
  • Ports for USB and SD card reader
  • Aux. input for rear camera
  • Inputs for steering wheel control
  •  Outputs for sub pre amp.


  • Also allows tuning both with US and European frequencies
  • Includes a powerful BOSS equalizer for Bass, treble and more

Pioneer FHX-720BT 2-DIN

This Pioneer double DIN model was developed to work greatly with Pioneer’s FHX line of stereo channels as it includes technologies that are largely used by the brand like MOSFET amplifier systems. The model also has special outputs for amps and subwoofer, in this case, there are two different sets so you can wire on your stereo more than only one subwoofer for instance.


  • CD and USB reader
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Built-in MOSFET amplifier
  • 2 different sets of RCA Preouts


  •  You can also change the color of the illumination for the display with a 10-level dimmer tocontrol the intensity of the light.
  •  Includes MIXTRAX technology that blends an automated playlist of your library with light effects.

What is the big deal after all of a double din head car stereo?

If your car has a wide panel board, it is begging for a double din head set, and basically, that’s the essential big goal of double dins compared to single/standard ones: they are made to fit wider panels and they will work much better when it comes to convenience. Wider displays will surely be much more accessible to handle specially if you are driving and you have to pay attention to the road.

However, these days all manufacturers make use of double din display to offer much more features: video display, bigger icons, more controls displayed at the same time and a more appealing visual to make your car more fancy and elegant. There is not technical differences to standard din devices when it comes to output of sound, this will vary only from model to model. Is not hard to find the same model with the same output potency available in different din sizes, even though the double din head ones will show more tasks simultaneously.

How To Find the Best One?

First you surely have to know the specs of your set of speakers, as well as have in mind the need of appropriate outputs to wire on your subwoofers (if you have more than one) and amp. Some stereo devices don’t offer more than one port for amps and subwoofers, so you have to be careful what you are getting for your dream set of car stereo. Other technical info like voltage and wattage specs are important focusing on the model of the stereo device, not solely on whether you are getting a double ou standard din (rarely you will find a double din with this kind of specs different from a standard one). And for last, but not least, even though they are double din, some are bigger / smaller than others. Check accurately the size of the panel board of your car.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

You will notice that some double din sets offer some extras that are not a match for other models, like exclusive remote controls for portable devices, or the rear camera input (not all stereo systems focus on that) and, for sure, complementary technology here makes a difference. The available price of these models are not really a big difference here, but if you pay attention to the listing prices you will notice which ones are more precious.