Best Stereo Amplifiers in 2022

The audio system is not complete until you deploy a powerful amplifier for your speakers set. Let’s take a look on some of the best stereo amplifiers available in the market and what they have to offer to your audio system deployment that also makes them worth some respectful amount of dollars.


Best Stereo Amplifiers for 2022 with Reviews 

Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier

Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier | 2-Channel | 140 Watts per Channel | Both Single-Ended RCA and Balanced XLR Inputs | Black
  • MASSIVE POWER FOR YOUR HOME THEATER – At 140 watts per channel (8 ohms), Marantz MM7025 2-Channel Power Amplifier pumps incredible power into your home audio system with accurate sound reproduction and without any distortion
  • GET DETAILED SOUND FROM EVEN THE MOST COMPLEX AUDIO SOURCES – Owing to its substantial current capability, this amp can control how you hear sound from various sources. Bold, action-packed sequences or soft whispers - they will all be crystal clear
  • MULTIPLE CONFIGURATIONS – Choose how you want to use your amp without sacrificing sound quality - a dedicated 2-channel setup or two zones to power speakers in different rooms
  • NOISELESS HEAT DISPERSION MECHANISM – The cooling fan keeps the amp cool from inside by clearing the amount of heat generated. Even when the fan speeds up, the operation is so silent that you'll never hear it running
  • LOOKS GREAT WHEREVER YOU SET IT – With a depth of less than 14-inches & 5-inches in height, the amp fits in any shelf or cabinet. The front aluminum panel is slightly curved, giving it a sleek appearance that complements any décor

The MM7025 is among most lists of best stereo amplifiers because the brand simply developed something with no doubt unique here. This Marantz is great for cars, has a modest 140 W potency on each speaker, which is what you need inside your car with no banging bass bursting the windows, such common vibration noise that you can barely hear the rest of the music. The MM7025 will balance things, providing tight bass with wider, dynamic swings.


  •  Set of 2 amplifiers, 140W each
  •  8ohms of impedance, 20Hz-20kHz
  •  Slim, new design more stylish than ever
  •  The feedback power amplifier includes the Marantz HDAM circuit
  •  2 channel XLR&RCA inputs
  •  The power cord is Detachable


  •  Great choice to drive half of the low-frequency of your system
  •  The Current Feedback circuit is discrete, providing an natural and accurate sound doesn’t matter the volume you have adjusted.
  •  Power transformer is oversized for high current levels
  •  Also includes the following inputs/outputs: DC trigger, IR flasher
  •  Default 3 years warranty policy


  •  This model has one of the highest rates by customers on webstores around the Internet. It is a solid 4 and a half stars set and you can find it by at least 800 dollars as a new set.

YAQIN MC-13S EL34 (6CA7) 4 Vacuum Tube Integrated Push-Pull Amplifier (Silver)

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When it comes to sophistication and professionalism, this Yaqin model is the kind of amplifier that is both a stylish, modern and super cool implementation for your audio system. This is the latest upgraded version of MC-10L, the pioneer tube integrated model developed by Yaqin, and is powered by 6CA7T tubes also developed by Yaqin.


  •  VU meter analog deployed on the front panel, with two channel levels. The VU meter works monitoring the average of the channels.
  •  Push-pull power amplifier reducing distortion, they are ultra linear, provinding better than usual output power.
  •  Silicon steel crafted output transformers, produced with Japanese technology.
  •  Wires enameled with gold of high-quality, offering a wide dynamic range for full rated output


  •  Includes a beautiful heavy duty chassis, It has a stainless steel top, a steel bottom, bezel and panel made of aluminum.
  •  3 years warranty policy


  •  This precious beauty is also rated 4 and a half stars. You can find it on promotional sale at for 710 dollars but the original price of this set is $1100. Enjoy the discounts while you can!

Emotiva Audio XPA-200 Stereo Power Amplifier

Emotiva XPA-3 3-Channel Power Amplifier
  • 330 watts x 3 at 4 Ohms; 200 watts x3 at 8 Ohms; all channels driven
  • Engineered for true audiophile-quality sound for both movies and music
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs standard, with independent switching

The XPA-200 model of The Emotiva is one of the best stereo amplifier systems available out there with audiophile speakers working up to 240 watts per channel. This is a powerful addition to your set with highly refined amplifier circuitry. It handles subtle details in the sound processed with finesse and has hefty power supply providing a lot of dynamic power. The inside of the system boasts advanced engineering, manufactures with high quality components and a heavy-duty toroidal transformer power supply. Though, one of the secrets of the Emotivas amplifiers, their short signal path, is what makes it all work wonders and surely it is included in this model.


  •  Stereo power amplifier made of two different channels: a 240 watts channel working on 4 Ohms of impedance and a 150 watts channel working on 8 Ohms.
  •  Full-sized speaker outputs
  •  Signal path developed with A/B class technology, discrete discrete output stage and massive power reserves.
  •  Inputs balanced and unbalanced with gold plated input connectors, gold plated RCA jacks, full-sized five-way binding posts.


  •  Includes a microprocessor operating system, it has a full fault protection and status indicators
  •  The set is covered by a five-year warranty.
  •  Plenty power to drive even low efficiency speakers
  •  Works as great for home powering stereo systems, as the front channels of audiophile surround systems
  •  Classic Emotiva styling,


  •  Another 4 and a half stars amplifier. You can get your Emotiva from mid $$$ .

GemTune GS01 Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier with Tubes: EL34,6N9P,5AR4

GemTune GS01 Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier with Tubes: EL34,6N9P,5AR4
  • EL34B tube upgraded to PSVANE brand. Well balanced tone: EL34 gives you outstanding highs & mids when 6N9P brings deep lows
  • Class A Single Ended Amplifier to reduce distortion.

This set of amplifiers is another stylish one, specially appealing for people who enjoy a vintage touch on their cars. Like the Yaqin model, this amplifier comprehends a set of tubes, and works wonders when it comes to high fidelity sound performance.

As a set developed for great stereo systems, the amplifiers provide great highs & mids. The 6N8P tubes brings on the other hand, deep lows. This set is sold by the way for great results with music based on vocals, strings, pipes and jazz.


  •  Amplifier is single ended, Class A technology to reduce distortion
  •  Design is self-biasing
  •  Includes analog Input, has output tags for the impedance of speakers.
  •  Impedance of both 4ohm and 8ohm.
  •  Has an output Voltage of 110V, power on 8W, frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz and output distortion up to 1kHz
  •  Input impedance of 100Kohm and sensitiveness of 1V.
  •  Ratio of the signal/noise up to 88dB


  •  Has three different tubes managing the quality of the sound: 5Z3P1; EL34-B and the 6N8P.
  •  The package also includes discs for burning the amplifier
  •  Warranty policy up to 5 years.
  •  Available from mid $$on promotional sale, but the original price of the set is up to high $$$ last time we checked. Amazon has sellers supplying the amplifier with discounts.

Onkyo A-9050 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Onkyo A-9050 Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Black)
  • 75 with Ch (8 Ohms, 1 kHz, 0.08% THD, 2 Channels Driven, FTC)
  • Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry; Direct Mode
  • Wolfson 192 kHz/24-Bit DAC (WM8718). High-Current Low-Impedance Drive
  • 96 kHz/24-Bit Capable Digital Audio Inputs (1 Optical and 2 Coaxial)
  • 5 Analog Audio Inputs and 1 Output

This Onkyo set is for sure the most accessible set of amplifiers of our list but that doesn’t make it less of a best stereo amplifier on our list. Actually, this set will work really great on many kinds of stereo system deployments , since it works on 75 W potency for each of the channels and is ideal for compact acoustics.

It has the latest technology in digital audio processing, it also includes a set of three digital inputs that are linked to a Wolfson 192 kHz/24-bit DAC. This is great for digital music if you want to run lossless formats such as WAV and FLAC.


  •  2 channels driven, with FTC 75 W of potency each
  •  8 Ohms of impedance, 1 kHz
  •  Inverted Darlington Circuitry with three-stages
  •  Includes the Wolfson 192 kHz/24-Bit DAC (WM8718)
  •  Has 2 Coaxial audio inputs and 1 optical, up to 96 kHz/24-Bit of capacity
  •  5 Analog Audio Inputs and 1 Output


  •  The terminals are gold-plated,
  •  Speaker posts are gold-plated banana, ensuring a perfect connection for CD players, tuner, and loudspeakers.
  •  Low negative feedback WRAT design, DIDRC design to eliminate digitally generated noise, boosts current flows and reduces distortion.
  •  4 years warranty


– This Onkyo is one of the most popular and accessible amplifiers that you can easily find in the market. It also has an average 4 and a half stars rate and is sold by around mid $$$ on promotional sales.

Yamaha A-S500BL Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Black)

Yamaha A-S500BL Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Black)
  • 85 watts per channel of high-power stereo output
  • Continuously Variable Loudness Control
  • Extra-stable with dual aluminum-extruded heat sinks and center bar construction
  • Built-in port for compatible Yamaha iPod docks (sold separately)
  • Auto Power Off

Finishing our list, this Yamaha is another accessible option for your system. It also offers a little bit less of potency than other amplifier but will work as great always depending of the acoustic of the ambient where you are about to deploy the amplifier. But when it comes to Yamaha, you know they can craft great equipment for audio with a different approach. This amplifier is a top notch example of the devotion of the brand to high quality music results, with 85 watts of potency per channel, using the two-channel design that is traditional in the industry.


  •  High-power stereo output
  •  85 watts per channel
  •  Made of dual aluminum-extruded heat sinks and center bar construction
  •  Designed with a built-in port, compatible with Yamaha iPod docks
  •  Auto Power Off
  •  ToP-ART physical design: ART Base chassis that protects audio signals from noise and vibration. A center bar reinforces the internal structure, which prevents further vibration that would affect the quality of the sound. Digital ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) is the name Yamaha has given to their design philosophy to maximize digital quality and minimizing analog circuitry.


  •  Control of Variable Loudness is continuous
  •  ToP-ART technology: eliminates virtually resonance
  •  Pure Direct: cleanest sound as possible
  •  Expandable design, supports personal media players.
  •  Built-in iPod dock port is compatible with Yamaha’s YBA-10 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver, so you can stream music from mobile phones with a Bluetooth port enabled or your iPod and even computer.
  •  Compatible with the optional YDS-12 Universal iPod Dock and the wireless YID-W10 iPod Dock. Connects all versions iPods to your amplifier


– Another 4 and a half stars. You can find it on promotion for up to mid $$$ on