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Best Center Channel Speaker for 2019

Last updated: December 21st 2016 A powerful and complete home-theater will not be if there is a versatile and potent center channel speaker to create one of the most important ambiences when watching a movie: the screen speaking directly to you. While the most modest sets of

Best Ceiling Speakers in 2019

Sometimes deploying a great sound system in an ambients is more than just the acoustics, but also about the aesthetics of the ambiance. Ceiling speakers are the ideal friend to set your home theater project or commercial room as they can be installed on several different points,

Best Bluetooth Car Stereo Systems for 2019

The Bluetooth technology is here for a while when it comes to convenience on the way you enjoy your car’s audio system since you can stream a lot of multimedia content using this wireless technology and keeping your car tidy, free of cables, as well as your

Top 5 Best 2.1 Speakers Sets Reviews for 2019

Last updated: December 22st 2016 Sometimes all you need is a simple two channel stereo quality system to boost your audio experience, even though not all 2.1 speakers systems are the same or provide the same quality for a similar budget. Take a look on a selection
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