Best Ceiling Speakers in 2021

Best Ceiling Speakers in 2016

Best Ceiling Speakers in 2016

Sometimes deploying a great sound system in an ambients is more than just the acoustics, but also about the aesthetics of the ambiance. Ceiling speakers are the ideal friend to set your home theater project or commercial room as they can be installed on several different points, working with moderate potency to work as a whole, and for that we understand too discreet equipment that will fit both ceiling and walls gently. Check our list of 5 of the best ceiling speakers in the market right now and some tips to purchase a good product.

These are the Best Ceiling Speakers

Yamaha NS-ICS600 Speaker

Yamaha speakers are often quite great designs and that’s why they are much more expensive and on top of our list. This model is sold as a single speaker, 60 W RMS potency and oriented for living ambient where it can work well for entertainment with designed structures of ambient sound, e.g., home theaters and 4.1 + channels stereo systems. The borders are completely seamless and the grid can be finished with different dyes so it will not compete with your decoration.


  • One single stereo in-ceiling speaker
  • Peak: 120 W, RMS: 60 W
  • 65 Hz – 28 kHz
  • 8 Ohms
  • Benefits:
  • Ideal for the installation in living ambients, like a home theater room, living room and bedrooms.
  • Cone made on polypropylene provides audio with wide frequency and clear output.
  • Is seamless and the grid can be dyed
  • Available on white or blue

Polk Audio RC80i In-Ceiling Speakers

This Polk pair is a great option of a ceiling speaker as it has a lot of great features that make it ideal for many different ambients. It is designed with a seamless finishing, so you can deploy it on your ceiling or any other surface of a room and it won’t compete with the decor, as discreet as possible. Each speaker has a RMS potency of 50 Watts and they are also developed with waterproof materials, so you can deploy it on ambients with moisture.


  • Pair ceiling speakers
  • Peak power: 130 Watts; RMS: 50 Watts
  • 8 Ohm
  • 35Hz – 20kHz


  • Made with waterproof materials, so it will resist moisture and be equipped on ambients that endure this kind of element (bathrooms, saunas, etc)
  • Seamless finishing

Klipsch Reference Series R-1650-C Ceiling Speaker

The Klipsch speaker is a more affordable in-ceiling option of speakers to be deployed in many different ambients, from home to commerce. It has a standard potency of 35 W and also works with an impedance of 8 Ohms. The protective grid is detachable and an as well be painted. The installation of this Klipsch is also a win point since it has quite easily attachable structure and will work seamlessly as well.


  • Single ceiling-in speaker
  • 35 Watts RM, 140 Watts Peak
  • 57Hz-20kHz
  • 8 ohms


  • Ideal both for domestic and commercial use.
  • Its woofer’s cone is made of special polymer that outputs quite sensitive, detailed sounds.
  • Can also be dyed.

Pyle PDIC80 Dual Speakers

This is the first of two Pyle speakers on our list. The PDIC80 is the model made on resilient and quite traditional construct of titanium when it comes to the tomes and cones of the speakers. The sound will be much more clean and edgy, you can yet redirect the sound adjusting the angle of the cones. Has a 300 W of peak potency and works with both 4 and 8 Ohms of impedance.


  • A pair of stereo ceiling speakers
  • 300 Watts of potency on Peak
  • 55Hz – 22kHz
  • 4-8 Ohm Impedance


  • The tome tweeter of these speakers is adjustable, so you can move it to different directions to redirect the sound according to the ambient.
  • Cones made of titanium which makes the sound vibrate much cleaner.

Pyle PDIC60 Speaker System

The last Pyle of our list is not that different from the PDIC 80 model, only a bit less potent. While the other model provides 300 W on peak, this one is a 250 W. Apart from that, the PDIC 60 is also a speaker with tweeters made of platinum, has adjustable cones and also works with 4 to 8 Ohms impedance.


  • Pair of stereo ceiling speakers
  • 250 Watts of potency
  • Impedance of 4 to 8 Ohm
  • 65Hz-22kHz


  • Detachable grid can also be dyed
  • More affordable than the previous model and still offers a respectful potency of Watts

What is a ceiling speaker?

They are no different than any other conventional speakers when it comes to potency and sound quality, but their structure is designed to fit the surfaces of a room seamlessly so it feels like part of the decorative composition discreetly. Ceiling speakers also have special outputs to ease the electric installation.

 How To Find the Best One?

If you are planning on installing these speakers on different areas of the room aparts from just the ceiling, you have to consider not only how seamless the final results of the deployment will look, but also the possibility to dye the grid, so you will have more flexibility even if someday you plan to change completely the painting of the ambient.

There are also special ceiling speakers designed with waterproof materials so you can install them on ambients that suffer the action of steam and moisture in general. Pay attention to these details.

You also have to be careful about the technical specification to fit the central stereo system where you are about to link these speakers. Do not purchase more than your sound system can handle.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

The key feature here that makes these speakers clearly different between one each other is their final output of potency. You do not have to necessarily get the most robust of them, since ceiling speakers work “In team”, they contribute with a whole. The most powerful ones will surely be necessary for big ambients, while conventional rooms can use something much more demure. All these speakers are available on white color but if you can always check the availability of different hues.




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